Activities of LAB

 The LAB is committed to:

  • Affirms that access to information is a fundamental right of the citizen;
  • Establish a comprehensive library and information systems and services that advance the social, economic, cultural and education development of the nation;
  • Provide technical advice and assistance in developing effective services;
  • Enables its every member to achieve and maintain the highest professional standards'
  • Bargain with the different agencies of the Government, NGOs, as well as academic institutions in regard to improve the status, salary of the professional;
  • Improve the existing library services;
  • Conduct research and training programs for the professionals;
  • Implement the Government policy organizing seminars, rally, and workshops;
  • Take active part in improving literacy program;
  • Help Government and it's agencies in developing and implementing plans and policies; and
  • Create greater awareness about the importance of libraries and needs of information.