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Professor Dr. S. M. Zabed Ahmed

The Eastern Librarian is the professional organ of the Library Association of Bangladesh, scheduled to be published twice in a year.


Accepted papers become the property of the Library Association Bangladesh (LAB). By submitting a manuscript, the authors agree that copyrights for their articles are transferred to the Library Association of Bangladesh if any when the articles published. Reproduction, storage or transmission of this work in any form or by any means in unlawful without the prior permission of LAB.

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For new orders, renewals, sample copy requests, claims, change of address and all other subscription correspondence, please contact the Publication and Research Secretary.

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Annual subscription rate for SAARC countries are US$ 10 and rest to the world US$ 25 and Bangladesh Tk. 250.00. All orders must be paid by check/pay order must be payable to Library Association of Bangladesh or cash by hand to the office of the Library Association of Bangladesh.

Editorial Communication
Md. Noman Hossain
Managing Editor, at the following email:

Editorial Policy

The purpose of The Eastern Librarian is to provide a forum for creative and scholarly work in Library and Information Science and development of Information Communication Technology for introducing information storage and retrieval and LIS Community development. Papers must necessarily have a problem orientation and demonstrate originally and innovative analysis, methods and application. Analyses of problem pertinent to research, extension and teaching are equally encouraged, as it is interdisciplinary research with a significant LIS’s components. All the articles will be finalized for publication with recommendations of peer reviewers.

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