Benefits of LAB Membership….

Stay updated

  • Receive LAB’s magazine to keep you informed about all the latest developments in the library and information community.
  • Our e-newsletters will ensure you are up to date with the latest news and trends through monthly updates.

Receiving support and advice

  • Benefit from LAB’s extensive industry advocacy work at all levels of government, and with other associations.
  • Access LAB’s Career and Professional Development Advisory Service for personal, relevant and timely guidance.

Developing networks

  • Increase your professional networks by volunteering for an LAB Group.
  • LAB provides opportunities to interact with professional colleagues so they can share knowledge and best practices and advance the profession.

LAB Training

  • Refresh and update your skills and knowledge, or learn something new to broaden your professional scope. LAB Training is open to all members at a reduced rate.
  • Learning is facilitated through traditional and webinar.

Professional Development

  • Benefit from discounted registrations on LAB Events and Conferences along with discounted registrations to events held by our partner associations.
  • Join LAB’s Professional Development Scheme, which is open to all members. The scheme is designed to create a formal record of your personal investment in your professional career by gaining Certified Professional membership.